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Friday, August 29th 2008

11:53 PM

Obama vs. McCain: The American Way

Wow! What a week in the political arena. Historical speeches, surprising presidential running mate selections, and commentary galor. Every time I turn on the Internet, I'm bombarded by stories, blogs, and newscasts comparing the presidential candidates and their various viewpoints.

I must admit that I too have been curious, and have spent a ton of time reading up on all candidates, their positions and profiles, hoping to glean deeper insight into who they are and what they stand for.

It's difficult to weed through all the political jargon and heavily biased opinions, but I'm doing it. Trying anyway! And according to the statistics, so are millions of other people around the globe. We're all wading through the rubbish in hopes of finding diamonds of truth about these men and women who desire (why anyone would want the job is beyond me) to become our country's leaders for the next four or more years.

Tonight, as I was once again "studying" the options, I was hit hard by an internal (God driven) question. Carol, do you spend this much time pursing information about your Heavenly King and Savior's character, positions, and opinions? Do others?


Americans are deeply concerned about the future in this country, and rightly so, but, are they as concerned about their eternal futures? Apparently, not so much.

Amazing speakers, preachers, and godly teachers, share igniting messages every weekend, yet, not very often are we impacted enough to spend the rest of the week learning more and digging deeper. But put a few savvy career politicians on a stage, and we all scramble to listen, learn, and and attempt to determine what side we are leaning toward.

What if we all pursued our spiritual future as much as we do our earthly one? What if we got all worked up over what God says in Bible and took hours to research His Message? Hum ... interesting proposition, isn't it?

For me, these thoughts have convicted and reminded me that there is One Ruler who truly deserves my devotion, my time, and my talents. He is the most amazing and historical Leader of all time -- Jesus Christ. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

I don't ever have to worry about Him flip-flopping and changing His postions based on popular opinion. I need not be concerned about His experience level, or past relationships. He doesn't lie, and He cared enough to die for me. Opinion poles don't influence Him; He remains steadfast in what He stands for -- always.

Sure, it's important we make good decisions about our nation's leaders, but it is far more important that we make the right decision about our eternal destiny.

The funny thing is; if we investigate our Heavenly Leader and embrace His ways, we are far more likely to make better choices when it comes to voting and making other crucial life-decisions. His truth is a light that helps guide us through the deceitfulness that plagues every person and every politician. After all, God's Word clearly says that we are all sinners and have fallen short of God's glory.

God forbid if we are "bowing down" to any political figure no matter how great of a speech they give, or how much charisma they have. Let us bow to the Greatest Leader of all and allow Him to direct our steps. Amen!

I'm turning off my computer and ceasing this relentless research of "man" and his pursuit of the Oval Office. Instead, I'll be pouring over the pages of my Guidebook for Living and pouring out my heart to its Author, trusting that He will direct not only my vote, but also my life.

May God bless you and God bless America and the rest of this great, big, amazing world.

Remember: True change comes from only One Source -- God.


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