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Wednesday, October 8th 2008

9:56 PM

Echoes of Truth from the Past

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I find it utterly amazing amazing when people insist that our country was not founded on Christian principles. Have they seen the inscriptions on the government buildings in Washington? or researched the leaders of our past? Our nation is rich with a Christian heritage.

Recently, I purchased a very interesting book titled: America's God and Country: Encyclopedia of Quotations, William J. Federer.

I actually bought it as a resource for speaking and writing, but soon discovered it to be overflowing with a wealth of exciting stories and quotes that have made history come alive as I read. Yes, I'm reading this "educational" book and totally enjoying it. Not boring at all! Really.

So, I thought I'd share some quotes with you now and in future journal entries. Hopefully, these tidbits of history will wet your thirst for more.

The book offers a section featuring Supreme Court decisions. Consider the following:

United States Supreme Court 1973, im the case of Anderson v. Salt Lake City Corp, 475 F. 2d 29, 33, 34 (10th Cir. 1973), cert.denied, 414 U.S. 879 stated:

"But this creed does not include any element of coercion concerning these beliefs unless one considers it coercive to look upon the Ten Commandments. Although they are in plain view, no one is required to read or recite them. It does not seem reasonable to require removal of a passive monument, involving no compulsion, because its accepted percepts, as a foundation for law, reflect the religious nature of an ancient era."

Hum ... as a foundation for law.

Anyone who attempts to argue that today''s laws are no reflection of biblical law, is sadly mistaken and misinformed.

I find it extremely unsettling to read the many responses listed online following political articles. The lies people believe are astounding. It's like people are wearing glasses and earplugs that keep them from seeing and hearing The Truth. God's Truth is foolishness to them as the god of this world -- satan -- has blinded them. They are simply unable to see through the veil of deception.

Fellow Warriors for Christ, it is up to us to lovingly, but firmly, share God's truth in practical ways with those around us. First, though, we must pray (without ceasing) for God to open the eyes of their understanding, allowing them to see clearly without blinders.

This topic makes me think about a horse pulling a carriage. He trots along, focussed only on what his master wants him to see, the road ahead. Now, in this case, the blinders keep the horse (the driver and passengers) safe. HOWEVER, imagine if the master never removed the blinders following their trip. The poor horse would be unable to see danger on the sidelines. He would be stuck looking straight ahead missing out on everything around him. His worldview would be limited and missing crucial elements of truth.

I have to remember to pray rather than complain when I read the posts written by persons blinded by the Deceiver. After all, they are deceived.

I am choosing to pray that the people around me, people around our country, and our world, will be freed from their blinders and open to seeing the Savior and hearing His voice. Won't you join me?

After all, as the above scripture states ... the Lord is our King; it is He who will save us.

PS. Don't forget to read Part II on removing the Seductive Mask at my other BLOG: http://www.princesswarriorsreignreal.blogspot.com/


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